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Old 29 Jan 2010, 12:47
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Hey there. Lately, there has been a large increase of people making threads about the same topic.

In this thread, we hope to consolidate all this information, so that if you think your question has already been answered, you can read here.

FAQ Contents:
1) Why is this modification archived?
2) vBulletin Modifications don't appear on the index. How is this done?
3) Someone uses a Nulled version of vBulletin. Where do I go to report?
4) is running slow?
5) People download but don't click install to my mods!
6) Will a modification be updated to vB4?
7) I don't know how to install X hack/style!!
8) Why will not upgrade their version?
9) I show up unlicensed. What do I do?
10) How do I delete my account?
11) I seen a user post advertising links all over the forum. What do I do?
12) Can I download the styles used on

(Will be added to when necessary!)

Q1. I found this modification and it looks really good. Trouble is, it has been archived. Why is this?

A1. If you have found a modification that shows it has been archived, it was probably due to several reasons:
  • A security exploit has been found and has not been fixed by the author (yet).
  • The mod author has chosen not to have it downloaded
  • The version of vBulletin it is designed for is end of life and no longer supported on
You cannot download any of these modifications. Please do NOT PM staff, as they will give you the same kind of answer.

Q2. vBulletin Modifications don't appear on the index. How is this done?

A2. uses a modification that hides the vBulletin Mods sections on the index. Here is a quote from Paul M on the matter:
Its actually a little plugin that hides them.
You can read more about this here ->

Q3. Someone uses a Nulled version of vBulletin. Where do I go to report?

A3. If you suspect someone is using a version of vBulletin that has not been bought from the official source, then you should go to the website and follow the link to Piracy. Report the site there and that's it. You will never hear the results of the investigation.

Q4. is running slow?

A4. Sorry to say this, but no website will keep at the same speed. and use the same database so if runs slow, so does the .org. You can't do anything to prevent this, but just wade it out and see if things return to normal.

Q5. People are downloading my modifications, but don't click Install!

A5. Unfortunately, you can't force everyone to click install on your mod. There is a tendancy for people to download, see if it works on their forum, then come back and click install. If your mod is Not Supported, then there's not much chance of your mod being marked as installed, as you don't support it.

Q6. I found this modification, but it doesn't work on vBulletin 4. Will you update it to the latest version?

A6. There's probably a chance that coders have no more time available to dedicate in updating their modifications to the latest vBulletin version. They are probably waiting to install vBulletin 4 so that they can work on coding their mods for vB4, so please be patient and don't spam the boards asking this kind of question.

Q7. I don't know how to install X hack/style!!

A7. There's no point posting threads asking about modifications or styles in this forum. You should use the mod thread to get support, providing you've clicked Mark as Installed to receive support.

Q8. Why does not use the latest version of vB?

A8. Lynne made this post in a locked thread stating why. Asking this question will just result in a thread lock and the following reason being supplied:
The question about whether will be upgraded or why we have not upgraded has been asked and answered over and over again. Please do a search. The answer is actually very simple - the site works just fine as is, so we don't feel the need to upgrade it.

Q9. I am getting this notice that I am unlicensed. What do I do?

A9. Quoted from Marco:
To be able to download modifications and/or receive support here at, we ask you to please click here (vB-Germany users click here) and enter your email address. You will need to use your customer number and password (which will be in the email you got when you paid for your license) to access that page. Please note that your email is case sensitive.

To protect our customers privacy you will also need to Opt-In to license validation for all Support Sites. You must authorise in order to validate your license status here. You can do this at the page linked above for your distributor. Make sure to set the permission to allow to validate your status.

The update of your account can take up to one hour.

Q10. How do I delete my account?

A10. You can't and you won't. Please do NOT post messages on this forum asking for account deletion, because it will not happen.

Q11. I seen a user post advertising links all over the forum. What do I do?

A11. If you find a user is spamming the board with advertising posts, do not reply but click this button: . This will allow you to report the post to the moderators. If the post is the same across the forum, report one of the posts. The reason given for these posts should be "spambot". As mentioned, do not reply and DO NOT CLICK THEIR LINKS.

Q12. Can I download the styles used on

A12. The styles used on this site are customly designed and therefore you cannot download them.

Will be added to as necessary!

If you have something that you wish added to this FAQ, you need to contact me or a moderator, don't post in this thread, per Marco's rule below.
vBulletin is down the drain. IB ruined it by attacking XenForo.
I am a MyBB and XF modder only.

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