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Automatic Embedded Video (youtube, plus many more) Details »
Automatic Embedded Video (youtube, plus many more)
Mod Version: 1.10, by mfyvie (R.I.P) mfyvie is offline
Developer Last Online: May 2008 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

This thread is in the Modification Graveyard.
vB Version: 3.6.7 Rating: (16 votes - 4.81 average) Installs: 98
Released: 23 Jun 2007 Last Update: Never Downloads: 454
Not Supported  

This hack has been withdrawn. Read on for an explanation. Shortly after the initial release I was contacted by another developer who had some ideas for the mod. This developer basically rewrote a new mod based on my original concept. Unfortunately we couldn't come to an agreement on a way to develop and support the future of this mod. Since he has released his mod separately, and it does pretty much everything my original mod did and is more efficient for those running large systems, I have decided to discontinue the further development of my mod. I took this decision because I don't believe that it makes sense to have two mods out there doing the same thing. I recommend to all users, both present and future, that you switch over to his mod instead (here). I've taken a look at it and I think it's a great mod and you'll all be very happy with it. I understand that he will also provide routines to import and convert tags used by my mod, this should also make your life easier.

Since I will not develop this mod further, I am also withdrawing support for it. Since I don't believe there is such a thing as an unsupported mod (since people will ALWAYS ask for and expect support regardless) I have therefore withdrawn the file from download. I hope some of you can understand my decision.

This mod has had a short but happy life, and I wish you all the best with the replacement mod. Thank you to everyone who has offered encouragement so far, and I hope to see you on my next mod.

I've left the original text below for historical reasons:

What does this mod do?

If a user copies and pastes a URL that links to a video streaming service (such as youtube) the mod will automatically take the URL and convert it into an embedded form directly in the post itself. Users can now play the videos directly from the thread! In other words:
  • No template or file edits
  • Nothing to configure
  • Initial version supports sixteen different video sharing sites
  • Pasted URLs are automatically converted to versions that display embedded video - in thread
  • Option to include original URL in additional to providing embedded version.
  • Forum, group and user permissions allow you to include or exclude who/what is affected by this mod.
How many services will it support?

The initial version contains support for sixteen different video services. If others contribute the required information for other services, this is likely to grow. The initial version (1.0) contains support for the following services:

Youtube, Metacafe, iFilm, Putfile, Bolt, Google Video, Guba, Grouper, Revver, Atom Films, Veoh, Myspace Video, Vimeo, Vmix, Eyespot, Liveleak, Sapo

Which services does it not support?

Many video sites don't provide enough information in the URLs to make automatic embedding possible. The following services were checked and found to be impossible to use with this mod:

Photobucket, Daily Motion, vidiLife, Yahoo Video, AOL Uncut, Yikers, vSocial, ManiaTV, Phanfare, CastPost, Jumpcut, Sharkle, Clipshack, Filecow, Break

Please don't request that these services be included in this mod - it's not possible. If you'd like to try and figure out how to do it yourself - please do!

Why is this different to other mods?

Other mods require you to enter BB Code yourself, but more importantly they require the user to have to add the tags themselves. Users are notoriously lazy and often won't even bother to use BB Code. This mod suits lazy users - it handles everything automatically without the user having to do anything - they just copy and paste the URL!

How do I install it?

Download the enclosed .xml file. In your AdminCP -> Plugins and Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product use the browse button to upload the .xml file you just downloaded and make sure "Allow Overwrite" is set to yes if you are upgrading from a previous version. Click "Import". Installation time - 30 seconds.

How do I configure it?

Go to AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> Automatic Embedded Video. All settings are pretty much self explanatory and there is nothing that needs to be changed for most forums.

Are there any limitations?

The hack will only work with properly formatted URLs. If the user mangles them, it may not work. Only new messages posted will be affected and this mod will not have any effect on any URLs you may paste in while editing. It will only take effect when you preview or submit new posts!

Is there a downside to this mod?

None that I can think of!

Will new services be added in future?

Possibly. Make sure you click "Installed" so that you'll be notified about new versions.

How can I expand it myself?

See the first post on this thread for details.

User Testimonials

What have people been saying about this mod?

"Anyway, this is be far the best mod of the year! something so simple, yet so effective! My members and myself love it. Thanks again." - hornstar1337

"No way! This Hack is simply a Must!!" - Silvio

"simply the best mod ever." - kushal

"You are my hero. My users are always F'n up the BBcode that should be so simple and now its idiot proof." - MortysTW

"Thanks very much for the mod - very simple to install yet useful as anything." - p0ng0

"Sorry I had to come and re-post how excited this mod has made me lol." - Fleabag

"Working great with vbSEO" - mtlcore

"I have only tested a few videos so far but works like a charm!!! What an awesome mod!!!" - RichieBoy67

Version History

1.0 - Initial release (23.06.2007) (updated a couple of hours after release with some minor fixes 01:31 24.06.2007 GMT)
1.1 - Feature upgrade (26.06.2007). Added ability to include/exclude users, groups or forums. Added feature to replace even when BB Code permissions don't allow it. Added feature to both embed the video AND display the original URL above the video. Loosened logic to include variations in URLs for certain services (different countries, domains, etc). Should cover a wider range of URLs now. More video services coming soon...

27.06.2007 - Mod withdrawn. Details above and here.

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.

Show Your Support

  • If you like this modification support the author by donating.
  • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.
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Old 27 Jun 2007, 20:22
mfyvie mfyvie is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Real name: Mark
Originally Posted by DiesellMinded View Post
Im extremely greatful for you coders as i have 40 Hacks now But i wish that You guys/gals would get all your ducks in a row before just posting a new hack It would save you from getting 500 pages of support questions and getting burnt out answering the same questions so many times that it goes UNSUPPORTED and Screws all the members who didnt get on board with your hack at the beginning
I also don't want to get into all the details, but suffice to say that this is exactly what I tried to do here (get my ducks in a row). When I started this, and also when I released it there was no other mod that could do this. Therefore I tried to get a quality release that worked very quickly and gave most of the features that people wanted, with a roadmap for further development down the track. It's quite hard to do with this video stuff, because people will always report variations in the format, so it takes time to tweak. Let's not forget that this mod was only a few days old. However, when other mods pop up with identical functionality afterwards, I don't see the point in continuing development. I'll simply go off and find another original idea to develop (I have plenty). I don't write and support these mods because I enjoy it, I write them because I need the functionality, and if nobody else has stepped up the plate, then I have to do it. I also can't allow myself to be in a position where I have used someone else's code, but I have restrictions placed on me on which features I can and can't implement with this code. In this case I'll make the choice to use my own code - but not if my own code does exactly the same thing as someone else's!

If other mods had done this before there's no way I would have written one!

So sorry again - I was in this for the long haul, but I don't want to see a situation of two (or more mods) with totally separate codebases doing the same thing initially, with users bouncing between them. I think in this case choice is a bad thing. Programmers should be putting their resources into fresh ideas, this is now what I will do. I hope you enjoy some of my forthcoming releases.

Anyway, just so you know - if you uninstall my mod, the bbcodes are left in place for you to remove manually. This means existing stuff will keep working. For most people having 16 extra bbcodes on their system won't bother them. And if it really was such an issue for you, then you probably wouldn't have used this mod in the first place

The transition to the other mod won't be a drama, and you'll get everything you got from mine - except support.
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Old 27 Jun 2007, 21:02
DieselMinded's Avatar
DieselMinded DieselMinded is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Well Thanks For That ,

So Were all going to have to Pay For the Geeks Version Aint We?

As for how many installs you got in 3 days its pretty obvious How badly needed this is .

There are alot of Mods that alot of people want the same thing , Its Crazy How No One wants to work on these .

Im willing to pay someone $30 a mth for a billiards table that verify's the $username tag and keeps records and is remotely hosted and my forum is not even a billiards/pool forum There are a Ton of billiards/pool forums online that i know would jump all over it .

At $30 a Mth for 100 Boards thats $36,000 a Year !!!! WOW

This is just an example , I cant code I have built a few websites And my crutch is Front Page If I could code You can bet that I would be Focusing on things that People on here ask for ...

Give a Gift Subscription

I would pay for it ! Where is it at TAKE MY MONEY !!!!

Get a Copy of the Forum Rules Shown at registration listed on the FAQ Page ... What a No Brainer ?

User Group Based Post Icons As Admin I want to Tag some of my threads with an Official Post Icon So Users can see this means business , Currently anyone can use every post icon

Thats Just a few that I need bad and have asked for and i know others would use that no one has pursued

I have Paid for Sweepstakes $25 , Infernos Whos Online AJAX box $15 , Addon Chat $180 , Plugin Poker $25 a month

I have the Referrals Page But i cant set it to only show referrals based on dates Tho its an option its never been finished I will pay for this !

My board supports its self i have 80 paid subscribers My board started on march 14th 2007 Im ready for this thing to Rock and Roll I have $$ to invest to make it better , Im asking you to take it !


Is your forum registered? -
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Old 27 Jun 2007, 21:06
The Geek's Avatar
The Geek The Geek is offline
Join Date: Sep 2003
As an FYI: My contribution was never going to be a commercial mod and it never will be. I just won't be offering direct supporting on it. This was another reason I encouraged this mod to stay here.

BTW: It is generally advisable to have your mod remove itself completely when a user uninstalls it. However I suppose that means I don't need to bother with a converter.
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Old 27 Jun 2007, 21:13
mfyvie mfyvie is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Real name: Mark
I don't think you will have to pay for the geek's version, he just won't be supporting it. If he was going to release it as a paid mod, then I would not have pulled mine and would have continued development.

I hear your pain about these mods. I was in the same boat. I couldn't program mods either, so I started to teach myself by looking at how other mods worked. It wasn't easy - and even now when I post a programming question, unless it is easy it doesn't get answered, or if it does get answered not always with enough detail to help...

These days I don't bother posting mod requests anymore, I just start to sit down and write them. But I'm usually writing for something I really need.

I'd happily take on your projects, but I don't need any of them for my own system, and there probably wouldn't be enough income in them to justify them without that :-( the other problem is because I am still learning it takes me a long time to do this stuff.

The ironic thing is that when you post a request for a mod nobody is interested, but when the mod comes out everyone yells out "fantastic!" That's the way it goes in the world of free software...
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Old 27 Jun 2007, 21:30
DieselMinded's Avatar
DieselMinded DieselMinded is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Thanks And I Understand 100% , I hate seeing the Coders Say Thats it Not Supported

Dont get discouraged your efforts go along way for Me,My Board and its members .

As for the Give a Gift Subscription Ill pay you $20 PayPal right now for taking over for 3.6.7 This is a business move for me as it would only take 1 use to pay its self 100% then any use after that all in the green

Is your forum registered? -
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Old 27 Jun 2007, 21:40
mfyvie mfyvie is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Real name: Mark
All the files for that subscription gift mod are gone. If you still have a copy then PM/Email me. I can't promise anything...
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Old 27 Jun 2007, 21:54
DieselMinded's Avatar
DieselMinded DieselMinded is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Geek please dont make the new mod to where we have to edit .htaccess file as i cannot edit mine because FP rewrites it

Ive been notified By that were not allowed Sharing The Pigs Files W/O permission
Is your forum registered? -

Last edited by DieselMinded; 28 Jun 2007 at 00:23.
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Old 28 Jun 2007, 00:31
rjmjr69's Avatar
rjmjr69 rjmjr69 is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Wheres the new mod by the Geek? I dont see him releasing anything new for along time now
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Old 28 Jun 2007, 13:20
The Geek's Avatar
The Geek The Geek is offline
Join Date: Sep 2003
I release stuff all the time, just not on .org

FYI: Here is the mod.

Thanks all. nJoy.
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Old 28 Jun 2007, 17:10
mtlcore mtlcore is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
mfyvie, your the one who made this first. All credit goes to you no matter how unique others' codes are. Thanks a bunch for your contributions and I will be anticipating future releases.
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Old 28 Jun 2007, 19:31
FleaBag's Avatar
FleaBag FleaBag is offline
Join Date: Dec 2001
I have to admit I am gutted. I would have kept using this mod, but I appreciate what all this is about. I stupidly deleted the archive, too.

Still, gutted. You are correct, a short and happy life.

Good work, you did it damn well. You filled a hole in my heart lol.

I look forward to your future mods, you mentioned earlier in the thread. If you could contact me when info is available I would be very happy.
__________________ :: Android, and other stuff.
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Old 28 Jun 2007, 19:55
dizzy100 dizzy100 is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Well like everybody else i'm sorry to see the invented mod fold in favour of others but do entirely agree it would be pointless in light of new developments. I was amazed to see two mods almost identical to yours come out so quickly afterwards and although vbgeek is an extremely competent programmer and i have to admit love his direction on this mod i just feel its a shame that it ended this way.

However remember that you quickly saw a niche, set the seed, grew it very very quickly into a small acorn and it would have been a huge tree. Nobody can take that away from you and you've just proved that the simplest ideas (in concept) are always the best.

I for one was very glad of the journey and really look forward to your next release. Well done mate you've done us proud.
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Old 30 Jun 2007, 10:15
therogueforums's Avatar
therogueforums therogueforums is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Downloaded, and works perfectly on my forum. Thanks for the hack, great job!
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