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Old 07 Nov 2008, 20:40
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Suggestion of products

I have an owned liscense and i was wondering f vbulletin was every going to do other products besides forums? i have some great ideas that would them make vbulletin more money and also make more people want to buy vbulletin software. First you must realize that your lossing money because most members end up buying either another CMS or a bridge to there vbulletin software. Why would it be a novel idea to create your own good, and i repeat good CMS similar to joomla and subdreamer ? Obviously it wold use the same database tables as the forum would for the most part and it would also make more money. Do you know how hard it is to bridge your site with lets say joomla? its very hard and subdreamer ruins any chance of a great skin since it incloses it in table with the main sites background around your forum. Would this take time of course, would this mean more developers yes, would this make more money and draw in more members of course it would. You could have teams work on each project so vbulletin would then be the full site provider. Its pretty much a done deal if you made this possible I know I would buy it if it wasnt poorly made like vba cmps which only mimics the forum and is very crappy I know this because i have tested joomla, subdreamer and vba cmps. I just asking for you to consider the money you can gain with this add on and the customer satisfaction.

My second idea is a gallery which could be added with the CMS as a componet. Why a gallery? so we the members dont have to yet again bridge gallery 2 to joomla which should them be bridged to vbulletin which is a whole new problem. Which would also put money in vbulletins pocket and would beat out photoplog and post guessed it more money and memberships. Litebox is ok but very annoying and the two galleries i mentioned arent very good at displaying pictures and I personally perfeer gallery 2 to any of them but since i use photoplog lite maybe its just the free version.

that concludes my suggestions of products list let me know what you think team

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Old 08 Nov 2008, 01:49
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Real name: Mark
Jelsoft have hinted at at CMS for v4. An official gallery product would be nice for better integration. I use photoplog and that works ok.
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Old 08 Nov 2008, 07:55
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A solution for integrated SEO optimization would be nice out-of-box actually.
An official Jelsoft CMS would be interesting as well - Good suggestions YAWL

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Old 08 Nov 2008, 15:49
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You should make suggestions at
Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer
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Old 08 Nov 2008, 17:21
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I already did thanks for supporting my ideas. A CMS would make millions of new and old users happy since there would be no need to pay for any other cms except vbtubepro if yourusing your site as a media site. If they make one for v4 I hope its better improved then vba cmps no offence as a php coder I know it takes thousands of lines of code to create a cms and I respect there work but as far as fuctionality goes its not goes. The gallery part well I`ve foudn an alternative to the above named and I think jelsoft should really consider these ideas not only would they have happier customers they would make a better name then just the "forum software king". I`m sure the money isnt an issuse but the customer support is and its a pain to have to buy software that may not sync the database of your version that way if vbulletin released an offical cms it would be set to which versions it will work with. I`m saying a combined control panel but have sepearte styles options so you can have custom skins for both the forum and the main site. What would be wonderfull and I hate to keep brining there software up is if they may one imilar to subdreamer but instead of having two admincp combine the as one andmake a new section for vB CMS with links to all the good stuff like plugins and styles. this may need a plugin and product system for just the main site but with vbulletin as the frame work it wouldnt take much more then 3 months to code because it would be powered by vbulletin.
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