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Old 30 Aug 2009, 17:13
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Member Feedback

I know this has probably been discussed hundreds of times before, but I wanted to bring it up again. Many people get scammed here on - like most sites - there's no way to know if people that you're dealing with will actually pay you, or finish your project. I understand very well that if someone in the Paid Requests section needs something done, there's no for sure way that I can get the money, and or .com will never be responsible for it.

I think though, that the least staff can do, is to enable the reputation system, but customized. Or even some other system that they make themselves. I for one would even volunteer to help make such a product for

It would help so much, so we can leave feedback on their profile maybe, and we can put their reputation up or down, so other people know if they're trusted.

I can argue about this for hours. Please just let me know why you guys will not implement such a system, any staff member here.
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Old 30 Aug 2009, 21:16
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Check for references, make sure the service providers are established members or have an established reputation as a developer. If it's not obvious initially, ask for references or do some research.

You have to understand that regardless of where you go, all of these things are important. Not only are you dealing with online work, but you are also dealing with intangible goods (which paypal doesn't support very well - making it easy for scammers). Even if a system were made, you honestly think a scammer won't register under a different username and repeat the process? Sure it'll stop them for a few days maybe or maybe even make 1 or 2 week-minded give up, but there will always be more and you will always need to be prepared.

My guess on why they haven't implemented it is because they feel they've already gone above and beyond with the forum itself and don't want to participate fully in the commercial world of vBulletin - as we've learned over recent years. They've discussed this in the past but regardless we won't see anything (if there is anything to see) till they upgrade - as the org and .com need to maintain the latest versions always for showcase.

I definitely feel for everyone who's been scammed, but like I said - no one can save you from this but yourself in the long run.
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Old 30 Aug 2009, 21:40
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You got my Vote Gio.

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Old 30 Aug 2009, 22:13
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Do a search for their name in the paid requests section to see if any member replied to their thread saying if they completed the job or not.

On the other note i see Shelley got her daily dose of vitamin /b/.
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Old 31 Aug 2009, 09:13
Marco van Herwaarden Marco van Herwaarden is offline
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We already advice members to post feedback in their paid requests threads. This is basically the same as with reputation, only difference is that there can be more info posted then only an Up or Down reputation.

We have always said that once members really start to use the options they already have (leaving feedback), then we will think about a more user friendly system, but as long as the current options are hardly used, we don't think that we should start working on improving it at this time.

It has to come from both sides, members must show that they are really interested using a feedback system, then staff can work on improvements. Only once in a while a thread like this doesn't show that the current system is used at all.

PS In the near future the concept of the current Paid Request will probably be overhauled, so on the short term there will not be any changes made probably.
Marco van Herwaarden
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Old 31 Aug 2009, 10:33
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The current options are hidden away in a sticky, and aren't exactly user friendly. There's no central repository for feedback per user, for one. You can't expect people to use an option that's hidden away from them and is a usability failure.

Don't get me wrong, I'm against a feedback system here as I am certain it'll be abused. But don't claim the current system is being used as a measure of how well the feedback system would work as it's a completely kettle of fish
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Old 01 Sep 2009, 08:27
Brad Brad is offline
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Posting in the request forum has never really worked. I honestly think a lot of people here don't even bother to run a search on who they hire anyway. You know what they say about a fool and his money....(not to imply that everyone that gets scammed could have avoided it).

I don't think this is a problem we will ever be able to solve here, nor should it be. The problem is as soon as Jelsoft/ staff start attempting to control the issue they start becoming liable for these scams. I'd also rather see them working on other things than wasting their time dealing with the bickering that always follows someone begin scammed out of some money and wanting to post about it here.

Also like Dean mentioned a feedback system is open to begin abused so much it is not even worth thinking about how to dumb it down enough to control it. Look at the feedback system on xbox live for is the bare minimum of what I would call a true feedback system and even it is abused to the point of begin useless.

Best advice to give to people is to be careful about who they hire just like they would do IRL. Get personal information in case you need to follow up with legal a good business man (that goes for both parties btw).

By the way there are sites on the 'net that are set up for this sort of thing already. A lot of the better programmers here pick up jobs on them so perhaps it would be best to direct people to these websites. I don't have links atm because I've been out of the loop for awhile now but I know sites like this do exist as I used them to hire people and pick up a odd job here and there back in the day.

Honestly if you want my opinion on the issue the paid requests forum was one of the biggest mistakes the acting staff of this site ever made (I'm included in that group, for the ones that aren't familiar with me). It was nothing but a constant headache the entire time I was a staff member here.

Last edited by Brad; 01 Sep 2009 at 08:37.
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Old 01 Sep 2009, 10:07
fattony69 fattony69 is offline
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Get iTrader for That is a great feedback system or create a custom one. Either would do wonders here.
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Old 01 Sep 2009, 10:11
Marco van Herwaarden Marco van Herwaarden is offline
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Did you read the previous posts in this thread?
Marco van Herwaarden
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