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Old 12 Sep 2007, 06:59
edytwinky edytwinky is offline
Join Date: Sep 2007
Multiplayer games would be awesome!
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Old 13 Sep 2007, 05:56
Mrdby Mrdby is offline
Join Date: Apr 2007
Real name: MrDby
when we click on game list..there should be a FIX GAMES section added for MASS FIX GAMES at one time or check them. If something is missing or needed it should report you after the test is done..wether error are in red and maybe even green.
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Old 15 Sep 2007, 14:44
testebr testebr is offline
Join Date: Jan 2004
ajax features and better skin like in v3arcade.
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Old 24 Sep 2007, 16:35
okgaz okgaz is offline
Join Date: Jun 2007
The latest ipb version has a challenge system where users can challenge each other to a game. I know it's a lot to ask but that would be awesome!!
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Old 27 Sep 2007, 15:32
Ski-Whiz's Avatar
Ski-Whiz Ski-Whiz is offline
Join Date: May 2003
Is there a way to work into the arcade a method to check to see if the game is installed already??

On the invision version, it checks to see if the game is installed.

most have a TON of games installed, and when I install some game packs (mutliple games) it just makes duplicate copies of the games..

So I have a few copies of certain games...

I think it would be nice to have it so the games are checked for dups when you install them..
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Old 27 Sep 2007, 17:47
MortysTW MortysTW is offline
Join Date: Mar 2005
Ya, when you are in teh AdminCP doing the install, it says INSTALLED next to it, therefore there isn't an INSTALL link, instead it says UNINSTALL.

But if you are getting repeats, its because more than one person mod'd the same game and something is slightly different about it enough that no arcade script is intelligent enough to know how to play the game and realize they are the same, just named different.
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Old 29 Sep 2007, 17:22
Zi55 Zi55 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2006
Add a full screen playing mode ..
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Old 30 Sep 2007, 07:26
MrZeropage's Avatar
MrZeropage MrZeropage is offline
Join Date: Nov 2003
Real name: Marcel
this is integrated in ibPro-Style, play "in new window" which is resizable up to fullscreen
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Old 01 Oct 2007, 04:36
Simetrical Simetrical is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
If you get the same score as your highest so far, your new info should be saved to the database. This allows you to change your comment, and reduce the time played. A basic fix is easy: change the > and < on this line to >= and <=.

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Old 01 Oct 2007, 14:38
MrZeropage's Avatar
MrZeropage MrZeropage is offline
Join Date: Nov 2003
Real name: Marcel
time played gets reduced/saved if it is better than the current highscore
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Old 02 Oct 2007, 06:04
Simetrical Simetrical is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Not when I tried it.
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Old 06 Oct 2007, 05:29
Acers's Avatar
Acers Acers is offline
Join Date: Feb 2005
Real name: Safin
MrZeropage, following needs to be looked into

1) The disqualification problem. The 7 day rule is not properly enforrced. I am giving examples.
a) Sometimes the arcade tourney gets locked when even though both the players have played the games, the winner is not advanced. In such cases we are shown a link to "make winner advance". Now if the faceoff player at next level has completed his games and was waiting for this guy, and if we advanced this person a bit late, than the original waiting person gets disqualified(if his waiting period was more than 7 days) A better option would be to reset his time when we make the winner advance as he can only play when he has an opponent. The time reset should be done everythime the faceoff player is ready and not from the time one guy becomes promoted to next level as to be fair to him he didn't have anyone to play against during that time. Yes he could have played on his own but people usually wait to see opponent before playing or before completing the game quota and in those cases(see point#2 below) he will get disqualified again cos of not completing the games in 7 days.
b) Another major problem is that in case a person has say 3/3 game tourney and two guys are playing. Suppose person-A has played all three games and person B has played only 1 out of 3 but has a higher score in that then all three combined games of A, after 7 days if B doesn't complete his rest 2 games(he has no need to) B shouldn't be disqualified. As he had more score than A even though he played one game, B should be promoted and A eliminated.

Some feature requests:
  • I would also recommend that you have a cron maybe to check stalled tourneys that we can run say every day automatically that advances winners. This should take care of stalls.
  • Also i would suggest a setting in admincp to cap the maximum tournaments that can be run at any given time. People seem to be opening a lot of tourneys without finishing the older ones.
  • A group setting on who can take part in the tournament. (so that only active guys can)
The feature requests aren't important. But the tourney probs need a fix. People are getting a bit disillusioned by the arcade tournament's otherwise.
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Old 23 Oct 2007, 02:10
cashiss cashiss is offline
Join Date: Sep 2006
Thumbs up Challenge System

First off thanks for an amazing mod and all the work you put into it.

Some way to let the user challenges another user would be amazing. Where it already says what game they are playing when you hover there name in the arcade some way to challenge them on the game there playing. Would give players a lot more competition then just talking trash to each other in the high scores notes.

Also if there was some way to put the record of how many challenges won/lost in postbit/profile would improve competition too, and would drastically improve arcade activity.
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Old 29 Oct 2007, 08:19
Wings69 Wings69 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2007
If this is in it I'm unaware of it - the ability to have games only able to play in tournament mode. As in I can select an option for a game so players can't regularly play it, but they CAN create a tournament using that game.
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Old 29 Oct 2007, 14:45
StuntFactoryX StuntFactoryX is offline
Join Date: May 2006
well i ran across this thread on accident so if this has been suggested already i second it.

when i install games it kills my server or i run into bad games. recently i purchased some game packs where there are several hundred packed together and ill ftp them and walk away.

well would i would like is a feature where i can pick like maybee 20-30 games at a time and click "install these games" opposed to "install all games" at once.
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