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Zoints LOCAL. Social networking, enhanced profiles, blogs and MUCH more Details »
Zoints LOCAL. Social networking, enhanced profiles, blogs and MUCH more
Mod Version:, by Zoints (Member) Zoints is offline
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This modification is in the archives.
vB Version: 3.6.8 Rating: (44 votes - 4.84 average) Installs: 452
Released: 07 Nov 2006 Last Update: 03 Oct 2008 Downloads: 16511
Not Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Auto-Template Additional Files External Content  

Zoints Local 2.0 - Enhanced profiles, social portal, networking, blogging, and more

Zoints Local is now Gold!

Before installing, we encourage you to make backups and take the appropriate cautions that you would with any significant addition to your forum community.

We would also like to encourage developers to share hacks with the community at . Your improvements and enhancements are helpful and appreciated.

What is new to Zoints Local? What makes 2.0 worth the wait?

We know that many of you have waited patiently for this much anticipated update and we love you for it. Let's discuss why 2.0 is just plain awesome and why your forum users would want the creativity and connection it provides.

Zoints Local still brings truly customizable and unique profiles, unlike any free system out there, and is simple to install but let's check out the bullet points of new features for RC1.

Community Central by Zoints - Your Forum's Social Hub

To develop a well connected and devoted user base, members need a personal connection to your forum. Community Central ties members together by creating personal connections and curiosity. Think about it like a community portal for your members and everything they do that isn’t posting a thread.

Activities on non-forum based aspects of a site are often lost or go un-noticed. Community Central is the hub for your users: to see who has updated their profile, to know who is interacting with others, to read the latest blog entries, to find popular tags on profiles/blogs/threads, and more. Community Central shows what’s going on in your community and encourages more connections, more community, and more fun. And, Zoints Community Central is completely controlled within your vB Admin CP!

Community Tag Pages show for each popular tag who is tagged with it, what blog entries are tagged with it and what threads are tagged with it (threads tagged by Zoints Thread Tags.) It's almost as if it is the ultimate search on an accurately and frequently tagged forum and brings content not found through any other function to connect it all.

Community Central is completely controlled within your vB Admin CP for easy access to manage it's system, templates and so on.

Completely Overhauled, Total Blogging Solution

Another great addition to Zoints Local is its totally revamped blogging system. No longer will you need to seek out expensive paid alternatives to find a full feature blog for your forum. The blog page itself is now a block page with AJAX drop and drag technology, which means users can add relevant (and of course irrelevant) blocks to their blogs' content. Users can now create multiple blog categories for all of their entries which allows for improved organization of a user's entries and easier search for content. All blog entries can now be tagged with entry moods and entry tags, so if this was a blog entry on my page likely my mood would be Teary (tears of joy) and my tags could be Zoints Local 2.0 - - ZL etc. There is also now RSS Syndication with the blogs so guests or other users would be able to easily subscribe to a user's blog and creating another path to your community. As far as new blocks; there is the blog panel, blog archive, blog tag cloud, recent blog comments, blogroll, and a blog categories list. When you put it all together, the blog is vastly improved and will offer a more rewarding experience to users.

Activity Blocks and the XPSF MP3 Player

Other new blocks added to the profile page, include the Network Activity Block, Personal Activity Block and an XPSF Music Player. The activity blocks increase the chances members will continue to network with one another. The Music Player adds depth to the user’s profile. These additions are a huge addition to any community and help create and foster a need for members to return to your forum.

vB Product Improvements

The vB product has also seen a few changes to help further integrate Zoints into your community and improve the likelihood of profile interaction for your members. Member profiles now show within the postbit the last date they were updated and can be highlighted if they were updated on the same day you see their post (to encourage members to view updated profiles.) Also, you can display recently updated/created or random profiles on forum home. So whether you want to see the active and updated profiles getting the attention or for your new members to get a few warm welcomes, this will help.

Tighter 3.7 Integration

With the 3.7 version, there has also been integration with new features from vB 3.7. Both on Community Central and on individual profile blocks, there is use of the new 3.7 Social Groups and Photo Albums (including displaying a user's albums if the profile block for it is enabled.) You can see both of these in action on various screens in this thread.

What is Zoints Local?

Installed on your forum and under your control, Zoints Local is what you want it to be for your community. If you want to provide your members with a homepage they can personalize, you can. If you want members to share more about themselves via greatly enhanced profiles, you can. If you want members to have access to a complete blogging solution, you can. Networking? Resumes? Photos? Video sharing? No problem. Via Zoints' page and block management system, you can do what you want, how you want, with ease. Learn more about pages and blocks.

Zoints Local takes your forum's basic profile and turns it into a portal where a whole new world opens up, all on your website. As you can see below, your members can have everything from a personal homepage to an enhanced profile, blog, network, pages to show off their vehicle and anything else that can be dreamed up. And don't worry, we even include a page that shows the entire default vBulletin profile if you want it.

The key to Zoints Local is that the power is in YOUR hands. We know that today’s forum member is looking for something beyond a basic layout that they can find on any forum they joined powered by the same software, it’s just not worth their time to invest in creating a profile that many on the forum will overlook. Zoints Local 2.0 addresses this issue by expanding on the connectivity to provide you with a social networking solution that will make your dedicated members even more committed to your forum. Through measures such as our new central page, new activity blocks and postbit profile update indicators, your members will have a reason to check out other profiles, make new friends and get to know their current ones better. In a world where forums now have to compete with so many other time competitors online, forums need more than just content to drive members back, they need a true community aspect. By building a connected community, your members will not just remain loyal but they will be much more likely to recruit for your forum as they have such a positive affinity for the community. Zoints Local will help to provide the tools to make that possible.

Some sites using Zoints Local
Hundreds of forums are currently running Zoints Local. Here are just a few:

Zoints Local:

(If you would like your forum featured above, please contact Doug)

What will Zoints local bring to my forum?

Zoints Local brings a new level of possibilities to your community development and overall website appearance. There are so many features and options that it’s impossible for us to list them all here. As a community based platform that allows forum owners to share blocks, the opportunities to expand your site with Zoints Local continue to grow every day – there’s just no telling what feature, block or idea will come out next. At the Zoints Development Forum you can download blocks posted by other community owners and developers. This way, if you own a writing forum, a software forum, a nursing forum, or a forum dedicated to any other topic, you can contour pages and blocks to specifically fit the needs of your community. Learn more about sharing blocks.

A few of the blocks and pages packaged with Zoints Local:
About Me, My Activity, My Discussions, My Links, Instant Chat, XSPF Music Player, My Media, My Photos, My Interests, My Communities, My Network, My Network Activity Quick Comments, Ratings, My Blog, RSS Feeds, Social Actions and many more. Virtually any existing "widget" shared on the internet can quickly be converted into a block, many in just a few minutes.

What else does Zoints Local offer?

Zoints Local is a state of the art product with all sorts of amazing features that go beyond the normal forum profile.

Drag and Drop technology - Do you want to move a block from one part of your profile to another? Do you want to change the order of your pages? No problem, just drag and drop! It's that easy.

Social Networking - Forget just friends, Zoints Local allows your members to create as many "Groups" as they want. We all have friends, family, colleagues, forum friends, and various other people in our lives.

Comprehensive privacy controls - Your members can create a variety of groups and show each group different content on a page by page basis. Zoints allows you to show what you want, when you want, to whom you want. Learn more about Zoints' Privacy Controls.

Style Sharing - When your members create custom styles, they can easily share them with other members of your community via the Styles Database.

Global Search - Zoints Local includes a global search that bridges communities and creates a virtual freeway between forums on the internet. Searches conducted through Zoints return results from every community that uses Zoints Local. Think of it as Google, for people. Google sends you a lot of traffic, and so can Zoints People Search.

The best part about Zoints Local is that you pick what to let your members use and what not to let them use.

What sort of administration options exist?

The Zoints Local system gives you extensive control of how your Zoints profiles should behave. You can turn features on and off, determine if you want your members to be able to edit/create/manage styles of their own, define default styles, define the default block layout, default pages, edit block options and much more.

Zoints Local 2.0 now implements a file-based phrasing system which will allow the system to be ported to other languages in a much simpler way. If you create a language system, please share it with us so you can help out other forums in need of the same one! Also with 2.0 is improved Module API and block management, all of which are detailed in the links below.

Zoints Local 2.0 also brings new user control options to your forum. You can login in as a user or edit their options from one click on their profile page. If a user is deleted or banned, their Zoints Profile account is closed. You can list reasons as to why an account is closed in case other members are curious. And you can now view comments left by each user in case you had a troublemaker or a spammer that you need to quick seek and destroy all traces of.

You can now find zAdmin by simply accessing your vB Admin CP and going to the Zoints Profile Settings section. If you are in a panic, in a rush or new to Zoints, all of your settings can be found from this simple area.

Here’s a couple screenshots from the admin control panel:

How do I get started? (Installation, Support, Update Instructions, Changelog)

Getting Zoints Local running on your site is a quick and painless process. Just follow the simple steps below and you can have your site running Zoints Local in a matter of minutes. Once you have the system setup, it’s completely up to you to decide how you want things to work. Customize, add on or leave the system exactly as it comes out of the box – Zoints Local gives you the power to choose!

Step 1 – Download the attached zip file.

Step 2 – Upload everything under the "upload" folder to your forum's root.

Upload the /z/ folder to your forum's root directory (one of the below examples should fit most setups): or or

Step 3 - Run the installation script found at /z/install/index.php and follow the directions

Step 4 - During the installation you will need to register your forum with Zoints to obtain a token and authentication key

Step 5 – Once installation is complete, log in to your vBulletin Admin Control Panel and upload the plugin product file found in the /products/ folder

Step 6 – Configure Zoints as you see fit! The new Community Central feature can be configured under the Zoints Local vBulletin options.

Promoting your forum through Zoints

Along with all of the features, tools and added functionality Zoints Local offers for your site, the Zoints is also interested in bringing you more traffic. Here’s how:

1. Add your forum to the Zoints directory at after you install. More information can be found in this thread.

2. The Zoints network will include your site in searches and other relevant results bringing you qualified traffic without any additional effort.

3. If you install Zoints Local on a Big-Board, please email us at [email protected] with your url so we can get you added to the Zoints Enabled directory on


Due to the scope of this software, we ask that help requests be submitted at in this specific forum so we can provide quick, efficient support.


The full (and very lengthy) changelog can be found in the download.

Upgrade Instructions

Zoints Local RC1 & RC2

Please note: Do not upload the following two files:


* Download: Zoints ... that is all that is needed for 2.0.0.
1.0.4b .zip is available for archive purposes.
* UPLOAD THE ENTIRE CONTENTS of the /upload/ folder found in the
* After uploading the new files, access the following page in your browser:
(Replace "" with your forum's URL)

And select to upgrade Zoints Local
* Import Zoints Profile vBulletin Product titled product-zointsprofile-2.2.3-3.7.x.xml and make sure to select the "Overwrite" option!
* Alter the Zoints Profile vBulletin settings to configure the new Social Portal via the vBulletin AdminCP

You're done!

***System Requirements***

Zoints Local requires the following:

- A linux or windows based webserver. Windows in ISAPI mode is not currently supported.
- vBulletin forum software (additional platforms will be added soon).
- PHP 4.3.3 or greater.
- MySQL 4.1 or greater.
- Your server must allow port 80 post and get requests to be made to
- Safemode is not currently supported.

*** Zoints Local 2.0 does not support Autonomous mode.

That's it!

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.

Show Your Support

  • To receive notifications regarding updates -> Click to Mark as Installed.
  • If you like this modification support the author by donating.
  • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.
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Old 07 Nov 2006, 02:02
Zoints Zoints is offline
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. This is all installed on MY forum?

A. Correct

Q. Is there a live example of Zoints Local running that I can check out?

A. You can see a wide variety of forums that have installed Zoints (both new and old versions) in our Community Directory:

Q. I would prefer to utilize the centralized version of Zoints. Can I?

A. No, sorry. Not until we standardize the Zoints Local and code. We do not have an ETA for this.

Q. How do I create a default style for my members?

A. Creating a default style is easy. Using the Zoints Style Editor, create styles as you normally would. As an admin, your custom styles will be automatically listed in the zadmin.php control panel. You can specify the same or different styles for each page by going to zadmin > pages > edit name/style as shown in the image below.

The style dropdown menu will then be populated with all your custom styles.

You can also add a logo and header to the top of all /z/ pages on zadmin > settings.

Q. Why do I have to register my community with Zoints and get a forum token and authentication key?

A. Zoints Local provides (and will add many more) features that require secure authentication between Zoints and your forum.

Q. My forum uses the Zoints centralized system. Can I switch?

A. Absolutely! The system does it automatically. Please note, you cannot run both.

Q. What browsers do you code for?

A. Firefox 1.x+, IE 6.x+, and Opera 8.x+. Other browsers may or may not work, however, we do not officially support them at this time.

Q. The images in the navigation bar don't fit well with the style I created, can I change them?

A. Yes, you may overwrite those images with your own as long as they are named the same and are easily readable.

Q. Are there any vBadvanced modules that work with this?

A. Of course. Currently there are Recent blog entries and random members.

Q. I have custom profile fields I don't want to lose. What about those?

A. No problem, we created a block that automatically pulls all the custom profile fields. See it here. Blocks can be made to do pretty much anything

Q. Does this work with my existing and custom BB codes?

A. Yes! As an example, this screenshot shows comments using the popular YouTube and Spoiler BB codes.
Zoints Modifications:
3.7.x Zoints Local
3.6.x Synergy | Zoints Local | Thread Tags | More
3.5.x Synergy Zoints Local | Thread Tags

Last edited by Zoints; 16 Oct 2008 at 22:37.
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Old 07 Nov 2006, 02:06
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The Chief The Chief is offline
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Awesome, will check it out
Think Hype Networks | MeandIsis
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Join Date: Oct 2005
Installing! Thanks, I will give it a try
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Old 07 Nov 2006, 02:21
amnesia623 amnesia623 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Real name: Blur
Holy sh.... NICE!
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Old 07 Nov 2006, 02:40
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Congratulations on another fantastic modification!

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Old 07 Nov 2006, 02:50
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Originally Posted by 1996 328ti
Doesn't this defeat the concept of Zoints?
Not at all.

1. The reason Zoints was founded was to empower forum owners. Some forum admin don't want to utilize a centralized social network which we can respect. So we provided this, a distributed social network

2. This system sets the foundation for interconnecting forums. For example, the search is global across forums that utilize Zoints Local. And the next major feature release will allow for networking across forums that utilize Zoints Local.
Zoints Modifications:
3.7.x Zoints Local
3.6.x Synergy | Zoints Local | Thread Tags | More
3.5.x Synergy Zoints Local | Thread Tags
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Can't get pass the part where you verify.
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You need to register your forum on the zoints website before you can get your Token and Authorization key.
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Old 07 Nov 2006, 03:03
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I did, and put the info in it gave me. Still not working
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Old 07 Nov 2006, 03:04
amnesia623 amnesia623 is offline
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here's a dumb question,

But do I download both .zip files? I notice one has less downloads than the other.
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Originally Posted by amnesia623
here's a dumb question,

But do I download both .zip files? I notice one has less downloads than the other.
Yes both are required. One is mainly the Products XML file, the larger one is the templates and other php files.
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Old 07 Nov 2006, 03:08
ubuntu-geek ubuntu-geek is offline
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Anyone got a live demo up
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Old 07 Nov 2006, 03:11
amnesia623 amnesia623 is offline
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Real name: Blur

...going to install right now. Will report back
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Old 07 Nov 2006, 03:12
Lionel Lionel is offline
Join Date: Dec 2001
Real name: Lionel
ok, my community is a foreign community and zoints will not mean anything to them, so I never joined. I understand I need to join to install this hack. How ould I affect my members? Would they know that they also belong to a larger community which is meaningless to them?
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