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[GlowHost] Spam-O-Matic for vB 3.8 (StopForumSpam, Akismet, Auto-Moderation and more) Details »
[GlowHost] Spam-O-Matic for vB 3.8 (StopForumSpam, Akismet, Auto-Moderation and more)
Mod Version: 1.2.5, by (Coder) is offline
Developer Last Online: Sep 2022 I like it Show Printable Version Email this Page

vB Version: 3.8.x Rating: (30 votes - 4.90 average) Installs: 440
Released: 12 Aug 2010 Last Update: 30 Sep 2010 Downloads: 2933
Not Supported DB Changes Uses Plugins Auto-Template Additional Files External Content Is in Beta Stage  

We have released a mod for your vBulletin 3.8 that should stop almost all forum spam on your vBulletin boards. It is basically an (anti)Social Networking RBL to keep your forums clean!

This version is BETA and was developed specifically for vBulletin 4. However we believe this should work on vBulletin 3.8 so we have put it here for you in case you want to try a more robust Spam solution than what is currently available.

BETA is not a good word, this is more of an "Unsupported Backport" for earlier versions of vB.

The "REAL" Spam-O-Matic system was developed for vB4. This version is for you guys and gals that need to spend less time managing the spamers on your board(s). We hope it helps! The important features should work.

The original mod for vB 4 is located here:

Look at the URL above,
(sorry for caps)

This version is for vBulletin 4.x though has been reported to work on 3.6+
We only offer support on vBulletin 4.x as the 4.x version will have features not possible in the 3.x series.

This module has the ability to submit new spammer details to the StopForumSpam or Akismet databases automatically, all without any new templates or manual template modifications!

Just install the product in the product manager, upload a few files, configure the system and you are done. (Estimated time: 5-10 minutes)

How it works:
New registrations are checked against the known spammer database at If the email, IP, or username exists in their database, the user (or bot as the case may be) is denied registration on your forums. If they make it past the SFS check, they are checked against several Automatic Moderation rules, and are also checked against the Akismet service for known comment spam.

A) StopForumSpam:
The StopForumSpam Module lets you:
  • Check a registrant's IP address.
  • Check a registrant's email address.
  • Check a registrants Username.
  • Disable or enable any of the above checks.
  • Block and log, or, allow and log known spammers.
  • All registration attempts are logged for your viewing pleasure.
  • Several other performance tuning options
If they are not found in the StopForumSpam database or are allowed registration by your rules, their registration details are passed to the built-in vBulletin registration system. (Human verification, etc)

It is completely invisible to humans who are registering that this process is taking place. Bots are stopped dead in their tracks.

If a spammer is able to sneak past the first line of defense, and manages to post, then there are secondary and tertiary protections.

B) Auto-Moderation:
Auto Moderation lets you:
  • Define how many URLs a new member can post before being sent to moderation.
  • Define keywords that will send a post to Auto-moderation (viagra, porn, meds, etc)
  • Define minimum post count to avoid Auto-moderation.
  • Excludes admin and moderators from Auto-moderation.
  • Completely disable Auto-moderation if you don't want it.
B) Akismet Service
Spammers that make it past the StopForumSpam and Auto-Moderation will be checked against the Akismet service. If they manage to make a post, and then are found on Akismet, they can be auto-moderated.

The Akismet settings let you:
  • Set the number of posts that Akismet will check from each user. After this number is exceeded, Akismet checking will be disabled for that user.
  • Auto-Submit spammers that post on your boards back to the Akismet service so that other forums and blogs do not do not receive the same spam.
  • Completely disable the Akismet service.
Punitive Actions:
If you find a spammer has made it past your 3 lines of defense, and has managed to post on your forum, then you can help the community...

The spammer's details can be sent to the Stop Forum Spam and Akismet databases automatically, preventing them from registering or posting on other forums. When other forums do the same, the protection is reciprocated.

Simply moderate a post and choose the option to "Delete Posts As Spam..." an then choose the option to "Ban User." Banning the user sends their details to either Akismet, StopForumSpam, (or both) depending on how you set it up.

The next version will add a "Spam-O-Matic" option to the Postbit Moderation Tools menu to better streamline the process and make it two-click process instead of the long and cumbersome way that vBulletin Ban options are presented now. This new menu option will be available only for vBulletin 4.x series.

API Keys:
API Keys are NOT required for this system to stop spammers on your forums.

A StopForumSpam API key is required if you want to contribute to the StopForumSpam blacklists by adding your spammers to their database. By submitting spammers you help keep other forums and blogs clean.

An Akismet API key is required if you want to enable any Akismet auto-moderation features in this module.

You can obtain a Stop Forum Spam API key which is free from

Get your StopForumSpam API Key Here

You can obtain an Akismet API key from
Akismet offers free and paid API keys so choose your version based on your situation.

Get your Akismet API Key Here

Why it is better than the other anti-spam solutions on
  • Works with all of vBulletin 4 functions including Facebook automatic registration.
  • Report spammers that you find to the Stop Forum Spam Database.
  • Report spammers that you find to the Akismet Database.
  • Built-in Auto-moderation.
  • Auto-moderation rules based on post count.
  • Auto-moderation rules based keywords.
  • Auto-moderation rules based Akismet results.
  • Enable or disable any actions that you do not want.
  • Customizable "Registration Rejected" message.
  • Consolidates 3 popular methods of spam prevention into one product.
  • No Manual Template Modifications!
  • Supported!

vBulletin 4.0.x - but for 4.x you should GO HERE instead.

vBulletin 3x versions that have been reported to work:

*vBulletin 3.8.4 Patch Level 2
*vBulletin 3.8.5
*vBulletin 3.8.6 Patch Level 1
*vBulletin 3.8.7
*vBulletin 3.8.7 Patch Level 1
*vBulletin 3.8.7 Patch Level 2 (with this mod)

(Add your version here by sending us a PM or post in the thread!)

Should you decide to install this on an vB3, we are interested in your feedback. Let us know if it works or fails miserably.

Reported Conflicts or reproducible known issues:

None at this time for this release.


2 table alterations

9 hooks used:

- register_addmember_process
- register_addmember_complete
- userdata_presave
- useradmin_edit_column1
- userdata_delete
- userdata_postsave
- newpost_process
- threadfpdata_presave
- postdata_presave

No new templates or template modifications!

4 files. (2 PHP, 2 XML)
1 Product Manager Upload


If you like this mod, sure, you can donate.
But the best donation would be to nominate us for MOTM, to tell your friends and others about this mod, and if you are in need of web hosting, order it from to show your thanks.

We hope you enjoy the mod, spread the word to keep all of our forums clean.


1) Download the attached file
2) Mark As Installed
3) Extract the zip file, and view the readme file.

If you like this mod, please nominate us for Mod Of The Month


Original concept credits go to the authors of vBStopForumSpam and MonkeyStop

Download Now

Only licensed members can download files, Click Here for more information.

Show Your Support

  • To receive notifications regarding updates -> Click to Mark as Installed.
  • If you like this modification support the author by donating.
  • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.
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Old 08 Jan 2011, 19:07's Avatar is offline
Join Date: Nov 2005
The latest versions should work. Not sure about 1.2.0 but some people have reported success with it.
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Old 08 Jan 2011, 19:31
bplinson bplinson is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
I just installed 1.2.8 on my 3.8.5 board and it seems to be working fine. It says version 1.2.7 in the plugins manager though. File I downloaded is named -

I put in my stopforumspam API key but it does not seem to be doing anything. This was on version 1.2.0 though and I will see if it works with the 1.2.7
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Old 10 Jan 2011, 04:05
Geek Specialtie's Avatar
Geek Specialtie Geek Specialtie is offline
Join Date: Jul 2009
Real name: Len
Originally Posted by papalph View Post
It doesn't appear that this mod handles the ACP or the MCP being anything other than /admincp or /modcp. We moved ours (to stop people from tracking us down with inurl: searches) and it's not taking that move into account. VB knows that it's moved, I'm pretty sure that there is a variable that you could use to find out the right URL.

Same for me - I moved my admincp and modcp.

I edited the hardcoded paths to modcp in the /includes/functions_ghsom.php file to reflect where they are and seems to be working fine (3.8.6 patch level 1 - Spam-O-Matic v 1.2.8)

Found it twice on line 317 and 562

BTW great work! This will be saving me time spent moderating new users for sure.
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Old 10 Jan 2011, 16:45
bplinson bplinson is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
Thanks Geek....that did the trick.
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Old 10 Jan 2011, 22:24
tlwwolfseye's Avatar
tlwwolfseye tlwwolfseye is offline
Join Date: Dec 2008
Real name: Gerhard

Since I installed this Mod on one of the sites I am responsible for, I get these errors when posting threads.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_BOOLEAN_OR in /www/htdocs/w00b4375/board/includes/functions_newpost.php(400) : eval()'d code on line 56

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_BOOLEAN_OR in /www/htdocs/w00b4375/board/includes/class_dm_threadpost.php(1649) : eval()'d code on line 4
Unable to add cookies, header already sent.
File: /www/htdocs/w00b4375/board/includes/functions_newpost.php(400) : eval()'d code
Line: 5
That happend immediately after installing this Mod. Before I had the old vBStopForumSpam installed, but deinstalled that first and remove all the old files.

This Board is still 3.8.4 PL2 btw.
Any ideas ?

As soon as I disabled your mod, everything was fine again.
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Old 10 Jan 2011, 23:39
BirdOPrey5's Avatar
BirdOPrey5 BirdOPrey5 is offline
Join Date: Jun 2008
Real name: Joe D.
Guys, read post # 7 in this thread... the author's official supported version is now in this thread:

If you're going to get support it's going to be in that thread.
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Note - I no longer making new VB mods, sorry.
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Old 12 Jan 2011, 14:45
SB Staff SB Staff is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
People who have installed this mod - have you found that it helped cut out the spammers registering on your site?
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Old 12 Jan 2011, 16:40
bplinson bplinson is offline
Join Date: Jul 2004
It has stopped 99% of the ones hitting my site.
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Old 13 Jan 2011, 19:12
Baldy Baldy is offline
Join Date: Nov 2001
My forums are huge and we were dying from a deluge of spammers. It's the single best thing we've ever installed and I'm gonna donate $200, which is probably a cheap-out considering how it has lifted our mod team's spirits.

My boards are 3.8.5.

The only thing is we upped the number of links n00bs could post because they love to post pics and img links seem to count.
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Old 13 Jan 2011, 21:40's Avatar is offline
Join Date: Nov 2005
Originally Posted by Baldy View Post
My forums are huge and we were dying from a deluge of spammers. It's the single best thing we've ever installed and I'm gonna donate $200, which is probably a cheap-out considering how it has lifted our mod team's spirits.
Wow, thanks for that. I will be waiting anxiously
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Old 15 Jan 2011, 12:32
Dj Smuggla Dj Smuggla is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
This mod is great, its helped my forum a lot. In the last few weeks my forum has been bombarded with spammers, i installed this mod 2 days ago & just 1 spammer has got in...

Thanks a lot GlowHost

Im using:
v1.2.8 with 3.8.6 Patch Level 1
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Old 05 Feb 2011, 18:22
FAST50 FAST50 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2005
I installed this mod a month ago and spammers are still able to register. So I took a further step: I banned GMAIL email accounts for new registrations and that slowed the spammers down a lot.

The spammers are still getting through the registration process although it's not a bad as it was. Is there any way to stop these spammer idiots?

BTW, I recently (about a month ago) updated VB from 3.5.3 to 3.8.4 and that's when the spammers started FLOODING in. When we are using VB 3.5.3, with captcha and NOSPAM! running, it stopped them all.
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Old 11 Feb 2011, 00:49
hugh_ hugh_ is offline
Join Date: Mar 2005
Glowhost are you planning to also update this release to version 2.0?
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Old 11 Feb 2011, 06:18's Avatar is offline
Join Date: Nov 2005

Version 2.0 will be for vBulletin 4.0+ only.

Unfortunately no, we find its a better choice to make code for current versions and systems than trying to do that for older stuff. It becomes harder to debug working backwards and for older software, that is why almost nobody does it (for long.) Any other releases for 1.x will be for any security releases otherwise development has stopped on it and is no longer supported.
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Old 13 Feb 2011, 02:15
Slam Da Brakes Slam Da Brakes is offline
Join Date: Oct 2008
Sorry really wanted this to work, unfortunately I have had to uninstall it

3.8.4 PL 2 using version 1.2.0 . Parse syntax errors after posting. Installed 1.2.8 - more Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_BOOLEAN_ after logging out.

Probably should really upgrade my board to 4.0 anyway.
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