[Version] Modification Title Release Date Last Updated Total Installs
vBulletin 4.x Templates   (Releases: 6, Installs: 47)
[4.x.x] Making something collapsible inside templates, using collapsible block  [v1.00] 28 Nov 2015 Never 4
[4.x.x] Limit width of quote box container if quoted text isn't wide as page  [v1.0.3] 25 Jan 2015 Never 7
[4.x.x] When quoted, whole author name and a phrase are a link to original post  [v1.00] 08 Sep 2014 Never 8
[4.x.x] Thread title leads to new (unread) posts like Xenforo does, instead to the f ...  [v2.10] 13 Apr 2012 Never 16
[4.x.x] User notes visibile immediately on user's profile  [v2.00] 20 Feb 2012 Never 8
[4.x.x] Larger text area for reporting posts  [v1.10] 24 Jan 2012 Never 4
Total Installs: 47  Total Releases: 6